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Gel Pen Detail Signature 20 Ct. 14+yrs

12.900 BHD

FINE POINT DELIVER PRECISION: These fine point pens have the ability to create decorative flourishes and intricate details with accuracy. The smooth ink laydown creates lines that will not streak or skip.BOLD INKS THAT SHIMMER: Each of the 20 pens in this set features premium metallic or glitter gel ink that delivers vibrant color with a stylish touch. These intriguing inks create lettering, drawings, and detailed designs that shine and catch the eye on light and dark paper.
DECORATIVE TIN KEEPS SET IN ONE PLACE: Featuring a sleek look and sturdy design, the included decorative tin makes taking your detailing pens on an artistic adventure safe and easy.
BRINGS OUT CREATIVITY IN ADULT ARTISTS: The refined design of this premium set of pens gives adult artists and crafters the tools to engage their imaginations. Creators of all ages will connect with these sophisticated pens and enjoy putting their creative touches on any number of projects.