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The Loft General Trading is mentioned in this page herein & referred to as “The Loft General Trading”, "our", "us" or "we”, and operates the Internet e-commerce website www.theloft.bh (“Website”). Our Website allows you to search & order products & goods (“Products”) or services (“Services”) offered for sale on our Website.

These Terms & Conditions, hereby referred to as "Terms", are between The Loft General Trading and you as a customer & end user of The Loft General Trading’s Website. The Loft General Trading may be required to make alterations to the Terms & Website’s Privacy Policy (referred to here as “Privacy Policy”) regularly or on occasion. Each time you use our Website it is your responsibility to thoroughly read the Terms & Privacy Policy & accept & agree before ordering any Product or Service from our Website. Do not use our Website if you do not accept & agree to the Terms & Privacy Policy of our Website.

If you opt to register with our Website, then at the time of registration with our Website, as a Registered User, you must carefully read these Terms and accept them. Each time a change is made to the Terms, you as a Registered User, will be prompted to accept the Revised Terms before you can proceed with your next purchase of Products on our Website.

The Loft General Trading is not responsible & shall not be held liable for any failure to perform its obligations of these terms and conditions, or if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event of force majeure or any cause beyond The Loft General Trading's control.

By using our Website, you agree with all of these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies mentioned on our Website.




  1. Any Product information or descriptions written and displayed on our Website is obtained by the brand supplier / manufacturer, and any differences mentioned on the product packaging or labels will happen from time to time from the manufacturer / supplier themselves to ensure the Product information is accurate & updated. For this reason, we cannot guarantee complete accurateness of the details for the Products mentioned on our Website, and recommend you to thoroughly read the Product packaging, labels, directions, and warnings written before using said Product. The Loft General Trading is not liable for the differences mentioned on our Website in comparison to the Product packaging / labels.
  2. You may not make any information displayed on our Website available to the public or use the information for commercial purposes. All information and material on our Website is the sole property of The Loft General Trading, and you may not modify, distribute, copy, disassemble, download, post, transmit, broadcast, reverse engineer, or reproduce any of the information / content of our Website.
  3. Any errors or mistakes shown on our Website, whether can be corrected by The Loft General Trading at any time without notice. Any improvement or changes to be done in our Website by The Loft General trading can also be made at any time without notice. This includes prices for our products, typographical errors, inaccuracies in promotions / offers / product shipping charges / delivery times / stock availability / prices, or even the discontinuation of any Services offered on our Website, as they are subject to change without notice. The Loft General Trading will not be liable to you or to any third-party for any of these changes mentioned, nor are we responsible for updating you prior to setting forth these changes.
  4. Any submission made by you in regards to feedback, comments, suggestions, plans, & ideas that are sent to us in any form whether by email, mail, social media, or phone can be used by us without any restrictions or liabilities to you. The Loft General Trading is allowed to copy, edit, remove, distribute, publish or use in any of our channels at any time and without restrictions any information forwarded to us by you.
  5. Product colors, descriptions & images are depicted as accurately & truthfully as we can on our Website as displayed in our store. Products are chosen by The Loft General Trading based on quality & affordability, however, we cannot guarantee that any Product or Service purchased by you on our Website will meet your specific expectations & we are not liable to you if it does not. As every computer monitor is different, we cannot guarantee that the colors will be accurately displayed on your monitor.




  1. Violation of the security of our Website & unauthorized use is prohibited by you under any circumstance and may result in criminal liability. If in violation of any terms or conditions of our Website is suspected by you, The Loft General Trading may cancel your registration of our Website & deny you access to our Website itself.


  1. By entering our Website, you agree to accept all contents of our Website as displayed / written. Any content deemed to by offensive by you is not the responsibility of The Loft General Trading. By using our Website, you automatically agree that The Loft General Trading is not responsible for any content that you deem offensive.


  1. By using our Website, you agree that you are solely an end-user customer and have not entered an agreement, partnership, employment, joint venture, or business relationship with The Loft General Trading.


By using our Website, you agree that you are solely responsible for any comments you make. We are not responsible for any comment posted by you on our Website. You also agree that you will not:

-Register or comment while pretending to be someone else, or using an incorrect email address

- Post comments that violate any rights whether personal, towards a third party, copyright, privacy, or any other right

- Post comments that contain offensive, abusive, obscene or unlawful information

- Post any computer virus or malware that could potentially harm our Website or any other customer’s account


Our Privacy Policy discloses & governs your submission of personal information on our Website.




Providing the accurate & correct address details is your sole responsibility. Any incorrect & inaccurate address information provided by you in regards to the delivery address for the Products purchased by you on our Website is not in the responsibility of The Loft General Trading. Any delay, lost, missing, or incorrect delivery of Products purchased on our Website in regards to your inaccurate or incomplete information is solely your responsibility.

Any Products lost after the delivery of your purchased Products from our Website is solely your responsibility.

 All Products are checked for any defects before they are delivered. If in the rare instance that a Product is delivered defected or faulty, kindly contact our team on the contact page of our Website.

 Delivery dates on our Website are estimations and not guaranteed.

  1. The Loft General Trading may not accept your order if (i). The Loft General Trading cannot obtain authorization for your payment; (ii). Any Product purchased is out of stock; (iii). Product upon shipment has restrictions and cannot be delivered; (iv). Product has a pricing / description error; (v). For any other reason at The Loft General Trading's sole discretion. In any of these circumstances, The Loft General Trading will contact you to inform you that your order has been declined & your payment will not be processed. In any of these situations, The Loft General Trading will not be liable to you for declining to process your order or orders. (vi) Upon delivery, you did not check the items that you have received in the order (vii) Quantity per item exceeds stock quantity.

Upon delivery, you will be contacted over the phone through the number that has been provided your order. If after 3 times there is no answer, or the driver has exceeded 15 minutes outside your address, then the delivery of the order will be rescheduled to a later date




Personal/General Information:


-Personal/General information will be collected by us from you while you browse our website or purchase from it. The information can be broken down into two types: 

*Personal Information: Your phone number, address, name, billing and credit card information, order history, feedback, IP address and location, digital device name, email address, user name, password type and configuration, details relating to your download of Publications via the Service (including details relating to the time of the download, any interruptions, and the success or failure of the downloads), the URL from which you accessed the Participating Website, demographic information, and other such 'Personal Information'. By providing your personal information in order to complete a transaction (purchasing on our website, completing an order, making a delivery, etc.) it gives us consent to collect that said information, but to only use it during the completion of the transaction. Email addresses provided will be used only for order processing, and to send information on your order updates. If subscribed to our mailing newsletter, you gave us your consent to send our newsletter through the email you provided. This service can be stopped at any time by unsubscribing. Personal information will be given to law enforcement if you breach our terms & conditions or any of the governing laws in Bahrain. We take good care to protect your personal information & take good precautions to make sure your information is not revealed, altered, or misplaced.

*General Information: this can include information such as the length of time you spend on the Participating Website, your IP address, your browsing history, and other such 'General Information'.

We also receive more general information from you as a result of your visits to, and use of, the Participating Website. This general information does not identify you personally. We can and will use IP addresses if you breach our terms & conditions or any of the governing laws in Bahrain. General information is collected & studied in order to better operate our website & the services we provide to the Customers.


-Third-party providers may be used in our website. If personal / general information is needed by said Third-party providers in order to complete any transactions / services for you, then your information will be used by said Third-Party website in order to complete the transaction such as (credit card verification, targeted promotions, customer support, etc.). Third-party providers used by us will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us. Once you leave our store’s website or are redirected to a third-party website or application, you are no longer governed by this Privacy Policy or our Website’s Terms of Service. We are, under no circumstances, responsible or liable for third- party providers and their actions or omissions. When you click on links on our website, they may direct you away from our website. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites and encourage you to read their privacy statements and their terms and conditions of use.

- This privacy policy shall be governed by the laws of Bahrain.