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Gazillion Bubble Twist "N" Turn Wand

7.000 BHD

Elevate your playtime and immerse yourself in a world of endless bubble fun withGazillion Bubble Bubbles! Join us on our journey of creating perfect bubbles, each and every time!

Twist it! Turn it! Watch the magic of bubbles appear! TheGazillion Bubble Bubbles Twist N’ Turn Bubble Wand is designed with a rotatable set of 2 wands and offers 3 different types of bubbles! Twist and turn the wand for big bubbles, small bubbles, or bubbles inside bubbles! The fan attached to the wand ensures a continuous stream of bubbles! Simply dip the wand into the includedGazillion Bubble Bubbles top secret “super solution,” adjust the wand to the bubble size of your choice, press the start button and get the bubble fun going!