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Kambukka Kids Lagoon Bottle - 400ml Surf Girl

7.700 BHD

Drinking from the leakproof Lagoon water bottle is child’s play, and with the Lagoon kids water bottle you can take that literally. Your little munchkins can play all day while sipping from their drink bottle. The spout lid enables an easy drinking experience and thanks to the cute designs, your kids will be super proud of their newest gadget.

BPA Free, 100% leak proof and easy grip!

• Suitable for cold beverages.
• Universal lid. Fits any Kambukka body. All of our Kambukka lids
are interchangeable however for optimal use we recommend you
match the lids to the original bodies.
• 1 Do not overfill. Fill liquid maximum up to the shoulder.
• This bottle is not suitable for carbonated drinks.
• 2 Prior to drinking, check to ensure the lid is properly threaded to
the body and screwed down completely.
• Avoid accidental leaking of your drinking bottle by closing the
spout when carrying around or putting in a bag. Make sure to
always empty your Kambukka bottle before boarding on a plane.
The pressure changes in the cabin can lead to issues with water
spraying out of the top.
• 3 Do not microwave and do not freeze.

• Wash all parts with soapy water before first use.
• This bottle is dishwasher safe.
• Do not remove silicone drink spout.
• To remove straw, twist to the left.
• Lid: put spout in open position while cleaning to easily rinse.
• Always store with lid removed.