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Kambukka Etna Thermos - 300ml Pitch Black

12.550 BHD

Hot coffee or tea wherever you are thanks to our best-selling Etna travel mug. This mug has a 3-in-1 lid and easy cleaning system.

*5 hour hot *11 hours ice-cold *100% leak proof *Dishwasher safe lid

Suitable for hot and cold beverages *Keep out of reach of children when filled with hot liquids. *If you fill the bottle with boiling liquids, allow liquid to cool down for at least 3 minutes before sealing with the lid. Exrtremely hot liquid can build up internal pressure resulting in ejection of liquid and scalding. Always press button with mug in upright position away from face to release before drinking. *Avoid accidental pressing of your drinking button by puttig it in locked position when carrying around or putting in a bag. *Do not microwave and do not freeze. *Universale lid. Fits any Kambukka body. All of our Kambukka lids are interchangeable however for optimal use we recommend you match the lids to the original bodies.

*Wash all parts with soapy water before first use. *Lids are dishwasher safe. *If you have purchased a mug that has a brushed stainless steeel body (not colored or painted) the body is dishwasher safe. *If you have purchased a mug that has a colored or painted body, it is recommended that the body will be hand washed. *Pinch to remove the Snapclean mechanism for easy cleaning. *After cleaning, place the mechanism back in the lid. Press the protruding parts down with your thumbs until you hear a click. *Always store with lid removed.