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NAVA Funtzio Die-Cast Non-stick Square Low Casserole-Roaster with Stone Coating – 28cm

15.630 BHD
by Nava

NAVA Funtzio Die-Cast Casserole is coated with 5 layers of natural stone! Features include:

- 5 layers of non-stick natural stone coating, which ensures great resistance to scratches, great resistance to high temperatures, easy cleaning, and ultra durability

- Low-carbon-footprint processes when manufactured, which excludes PFOA

- Is suitable for all cookers: gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction

- Highly resistant glass lid with a special port on handle that facilitates the addition of liquid ingredients when used in the oven

- Features a smooth surface for easy cleaning & is dishwasher safe.

Weight: 1.8 kg
Capacity: 4.3 liter
Length: 37 cm
Height: 12 cm
Width: 29 cm
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Bottom Diameter: 19 cm